We work with early stage, high growth companies to help diverse leaders build positive cultures and achieve strategic results

Here are some of our clients' thoughts about working with us.

Kevin and the Martin Leadership Group have proven invaluable in helping to improve the quality of leadership among the senior teams in our portfolio and in helping prepare these teams to successfully scale their organizations in the context of rapid growth. Kevin knows what CEOs need, and his company is a trusted partner of XSeed.
Michael Borrus, Founding Partner, XSeed Capital

Kevin has an exceptional ability to explore and reveal interpersonal and organizational dynamics that helps leaders improve themselves as well as the culture of the org. He is able to extract, synthesize, and deliver feedback in a way that resonates with leaders and motivates them to improve.
Barry Obrand, Operating Partner, Serent Capital

We share similar values about leadership, and that makes for a strong partnership. The Martin Leadership Group is engaged in thinking deeply about leadership and has a strong desire to get leadership right. In a short time frame, their 360 assessment of a CEO was deeply insightful. We have trust and confidence in their 360 process and the way the Martin Leadership Groups works with their partners.
Rob Wright, Managing Director, Grey Mountain Partners

Kevin was introduced by our Board. After six months of coaching, my growth as a leader was significant, I felt more confident in my own skin as I led the organization, and my Board was impressed. I then had Kevin coach the leadership team as a whole. Kevin clarified the connection between our leadership and our culture and made each team member a stronger leader. We’ve become a high performing team as a result, and this makes us more effective as an organization. He is a true and trusted adviser.
Dave Mariani, CEO, AtScale

We work with Kevin and the Martin Leadership Group because we want to be the best leaders we can be. We get value from the candid feedback and insight Kevin brings to the conversation. He has the intellect, experience, and confidence to walk with us through challenges... and help us identify the right thing to do. He cuts to core issues and directs the group and individuals to our own conclusions on how to move forward.
Simon Parmett, Former CEO, MuleSoft