Executive Coaching

Our coaches help senior leaders see themselves more fully, realize their full potential, and improve in ways that yield tangible business results. Our coaches provide the support, guidance, and tools needed to develop each executive’s personal brand of leadership.

Our coaches have extensive experience coaching and facilitating core leadership programs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. We bring a unified approach to leadership development, with coaching expertise in emotional intelligence, interpersonal effectiveness, and the team development process.

Our proprietary coaching tools and methodology include a 360 assessment based on the latest research in leadership assessment. We use this to carefully gather 360 feedback to discover and confirm core strengths, reveal potential blind-spots, and ultimately set and refine leadership development objectives.

We are results oriented. The leadership development goals we coach toward are always in service of strategic business objectives and congruent with organizational values and culture. In each coaching session we address real work challenges, explore obstacles, celebrate successes, and help our clients form new habits of effective leadership.